League Injury Report
Thursday, 11/2/1998
AL Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Jeff FryeBALActiveOUTfull season0 daysTorn Hamstring Muscle
Francisco CabreraBOSActiveOUT1 days0 daysFractured Cheekbone
Jim CrowellNYYAAOUTentire career0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Barry BondsTORDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Jorge PedreTORAOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Rusty GreerCHADLOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Paul MarakKCAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Darren DreifortMILActiveDay-to-Day (80%)6 days0 daysViral Infection
Kal DanielsCALActiveOUT4 weeks0 daysBroken Hand
Charles NagyCALActiveOUT2 days0 daysInflamed Bicep Tendon
Steve WoodardCALDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Dan NaultyCALAAOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Jason JacomeOAKDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Alex ColeOAKDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Rick WilkinsTEXDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
NL Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Garret AndersonATLDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Foot
Rikkert FaneyteATLAAAOUTfull season0 daysBroken Hip
Mac SuzukiATLAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Chipper JonesFLADLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Jermaine DyeMONDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Matt MorrisNYMDLOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Reggie JeffersonNYMDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Matt ClementPHIAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Kimera BarteePHIAAAOUTentire career0 daysTorn Hamstring Muscle
Jaret WrightHOUAAAOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Roger PavlikHOUAAOUTentire career0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Steve FalteisekHOUAAOUTentire career0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Andres GalarragaPITDLOUTone week0 daysTorn Abdominal Muscle
Sid FernandezCOLDLOUTfull season13 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Narciso ElviraCOLDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Wilson AlvarezCOLDLOUT1-2 weeks13 daysBroken Hand
Don FlorenceCOLDLOUT3 weeks0 daysStrained Bicep Muscle
Francisco CordovaCOLDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Hamstring Muscle
Dan PlesacCOLDLOUTentire career0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Mark McgwireCOLActiveOUT2-3 weeks0 daysBroken Finger
Masato YoshiiLANAAOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Rod NicholsSDAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Jarrod WashburnSFAAOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back

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