Milestone Watch
Sunday, 10/27/1918
Batting Milestones
Milestone HitsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. Lloyd34PIT2500 Hits2333 Hits167 Hits
E. Collins31SLA2000 Hits1997 Hits3 Hits
J. Knight33BOS2000 Hits1876 Hits124 Hits
S. Magee34CHA2000 Hits1870 Hits130 Hits
Milestone HomerunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
Milestone RunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
T. Cobb31BOS1500 Runs1442 Runs58 Runs
Milestone RBIAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
C. Milan31SLA500 RBI494 RBI6 RBI
P. Clark35CLE500 RBI493 RBI7 RBI
B. Cree36BSN500 RBI492 RBI8 RBI
J. Barbour29NYG500 RBI491 RBI9 RBI
J. Nealon33BSN500 RBI485 RBI15 RBI
S. Evans33CHN500 RBI484 RBI16 RBI
S. Yerkes30BSN500 RBI475 RBI25 RBI
I. Meusel25BRO500 RBI473 RBI27 RBI
R. Ellis32PHI500 RBI465 RBI35 RBI
S. Poles28PIT500 RBI461 RBI39 RBI
Milestone Bases-on-BallsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. Knight33BOS500 BB499 BB1 BB
R. Ellis32PHI500 BB472 BB28 BB
S. Magee34CHA500 BB472 BB28 BB
E. Konetchy33PHI500 BB462 BB38 BB
V. Saier27CLE500 BB460 BB40 BB
W. Pettus34CHA500 BB449 BB51 BB
J. Lloyd34PIT500 BB445 BB55 BB
H. Lord36NYG500 BB444 BB56 BB
L. Doyle32PHI500 BB428 BB72 BB
V. Campbell30PIT500 BB420 BB80 BB
Milestone Stolen BasesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
T. Cobb31BOS900 SB879 SB21 SB
J. Lloyd34PIT800 SB758 SB42 SB
J. Bates36 600 SB555 SB45 SB
E. Collins31SLA500 SB493 SB7 SB
J. Knight33BOS500 SB484 SB16 SB
B. Bescher34NYA500 SB453 SB47 SB
A. Burch35NYG400 SB398 SB2 SB
H. Hooper31DET400 SB397 SB3 SB
C. Milan31SLA400 SB360 SB40 SB
J. Jackson29NYG300 SB295 SB5 SB
Pitching Milestones
Milestone WinsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
W. Johnson30PHI300 Wins284 Wins16 Wins
B. Jacobson37BOS250 Wins239 Wins11 Wins
A. Joss38NYG250 Wins234 Wins16 Wins
A. Puttmann38 200 Wins194 Wins6 Wins
H. Krause30NYG200 Wins186 Wins14 Wins
T. Atkins30CHA200 Wins181 Wins19 Wins
Milestone StrikeoutsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
D. Redding27DET3000 K's2819 K's181 K's
A. Joss38NYG2500 K's2493 K's7 K's
B. Jacobson37BOS2500 K's2473 K's27 K's
F. Wickware30CLE2000 K's1987 K's13 K's
G. Liebhardt35BSN2000 K's1985 K's15 K's
C. Hall34CHA2000 K's1930 K's70 K's
T. Atkins30CHA2000 K's1915 K's85 K's
G. Mcquillan33BSN1500 K's1469 K's31 K's
Milestone SavesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
Milestone GamesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
C. Mathewson38PIT800 Games798 Games2 Games
C. Bender34PHI600 Games594 Games6 Games

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